Friday, September 7, 2012

My favorite product

My favorite product, hands down, is Thickers. I love them. I try to collect them, but seriously, I use them all so none of them stays around too long. I have a Cameo that I can cut letters out on, but Thickers are still my favorite way to add a title.

Did you know Thickers are one of the very first scrapbook items I ever purchased? Yep. Blue ones from Hobby Lobby. It was the first time I ever made a scrapbook page - about 3 years ago now and I went to the store with an idea in mind, bought 4 different sheets of single sided patterned paper, Thickers and some school stickers. Yep, it was a back to school page. Crazy! But I have loved Thickers since.

How many different Thickers can be on one page?

Well, six different types is definitely a possibility.

How many colors?

Well, how many letters are in your sentiment?

Thickers rock!!

Okay, so what is your favorite product??? Tell, tell!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!


  1. The first font (the word "the") looks like perfect size for me. Does it have a name?

  2. I am completely in love with the multi-font titles at the moment and yours rocks! It's funny that you mention your first pack of thickets, I still have mine from about 2 years ago and I used some of them on a LO I made today.

  3. Love how you mixed up all of the Thickers on the layout and used them in multi-colors on the card!

  4. thickers all the way!! LOVE them!! LOVING the layout--GREAT card too!