Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some "messy" Jenni Bowlin goodness... and it works for my sketch...

So, I created this page for Jenni Bowlin this week, and it is posted over on the blog over there.  Our monthly topic was getting messy, which I felt like was pretty easy for me, and I was sure messy afterwards with paint and gesso and rub ons stuck to my fingers.

Looking at it now, I realized that it TOTALLY works for my sketch this week!  That wasn't even planned.  This just goes to show how much I use this layout design.  Over and over and over again.  It definitely is my favorite.  Maybe I should be worried because I use it all the time, but I'm not.  Instead, I know it is just ok.

If you want to see the sketch again, you can see it here and here.  Here is the page.

I started this page with painting the paper with gesso.  Once that dried all the way, I mixed blue paint and more gesso and painted that down the page.  I had someone ask me about my paper bending with the paint.  I do not have too much of a problem with this.  I have found that by starting with a thin layer of gesso (I spread it with the edge of a plastic card) and letting it dry completely that I get very little ripple.  Also, move the paper from your cutting mat so both sides dry completely.  Or if you are helping out out with a heat gun, dry both sides of the paper.  I noticed once that the mat stayed damp and caused more ripples if I just felt it there to dry.  So those are my tips for that.  :-)

So there you go.  Another take on the sketch.  On accident.  But this is my go to design and I love it and I just don't have to think when I use it.  And ultimately, I scrapbook for myself, so it has to be me.  And this is.

Thank you Jenni Bowlin for the beautiful supplies.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pale pages for Crate Paper

Yesterday was my turn on the Crate Paper blog.  The topic was Simply Pale.  Yummy.  Love me some pale.  It makes photos POP.  And I definitely want my photos to pop.

Here are my pages...

For this page I used the new On The Road collection, which totally rocks for a teenager page.  Ilove the sunglasses.  SO CUTE!


For this page I used Oh Darling.  I love the pink and green combo.  Beautiful!

(And notice that these could really follow my sketch for the month as well.  Hmmm...)

Well, that's all for now.  Have a great Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sketch 1 - Week 2

Last week I showed you my most frequently used layout design as a sketch.  Here is the sketch again.

It is a simple layout that has a bunch of possibilities of making an awesome page.

This is my page this week...

It was actually the first page I created using this sketch but since I took a few extra liberties with it, I decided not to go with it being the first I showed.  Anyway...

In this page, I painted the background lightly with pink watercolor paint down the page in the same place as the block.  Then over that, I added stripes of color using wash tape.  I added my photo and title and lots of fun embellishments all down the color.  It is the same sketch, just expanded.  That's why I love sketches.

I love this picture of my youngest.  It was actually from last August.  It was supposed to be a part of her 7 year old birthday photo shoot.  But some friends were there too and they were making fun of her swim hat and her big glasses so she got embarrassed and this was the only decent picture of the bunch.  I learned my lesson, no friends at the birthday photo shoots.

Anyway.  That was sketch number 1 but version 2.  I hope you liked it.  This is one of my favorite pages.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sketch 1 - Week 1

I have loved working with sketches since I figured out how to work with them.  Lol.  That may seem strange to read, but it's true!  When I first started scrapbooking, I didn't know what to do with a sketch at all!  Did I copy it exactly?  If so, the ones without as much detail really stumped me.  Did I just use parts of it?  Then the ones with SO MUCH DETAIL were too hard to use.  What about all those scrapbookers using the sketch and created a page that looked NOTHING like the original sketch?  What was that all about???

Well, back when I was trying to figure all this out, I stumbled upon a sketch challenge blog.  I loved this blog and it makes me sad that it is gone now because the gals who ran it and were great and talented and fun.  I played along week after week for a long time.  I eventually tried out for their design team, made it and my love for sketches as a starting point really took off.

I don't really use sketches too much anymore but when I was looking through my pages and putting them into albums not too long ago, I realized that my pages have basically 4-5 general designs.  On one hand that seems like I am not very creative - eeks!  But on the other, it is my comfortable spot, where I can use new products and try new things without having to come up with everything new all the time.  But even though most of my pages use one of these very few designs, I don't think they all look exactly the same.  Each page takes one of those basic designs and expands and is unique.  (At least I think so.)  :-)

So I drew up my sketches of my most used layout designs and now it is time to play.

Here is my first sketch.  It is probably my most used layout design.

Simple.  Easy.  (I left out details because that is the fun part!)

And for my first page using this sketch, I used my May kit from Jenni Bowlin.  I mentioned there was another page with that kit and this is it.

This is pretty true to the sketch.  The vertical stripe.  The photos through the center of that stripe.  My title is more off center to balance out the placement of the photos.  And then I added embellishments that would work and that I loved.

So there you have it.  My first of my most frequently used layout designs, as a sketch and then a page.  Next week, I will use the same sketch but with a different page so you can see a different page with a different look but starting from the same sketch.

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beautiful colors for May

Jenni Bowlin May kits are filled with color and I love that.  One of my favorite color combos is red and turquoise.  It is just so exciting and awesome.  It made me so happy when I opened my May kits and saw these two beautiful colors.

So some projects...

I made this card for my oldest daughter on her birthday.  SIXTEEN!!!  Can you believe that???  It blows me away!!  I don't think I am old enough for her to be sixteen!!  (And I did use the April button from the April kit, but that's because her birthday is in April.)

So from my oldest, now to my youngest.  (My middle girl's page will come in a couple days.)  I just love all the patterns on these papers.  I did cut up a bunch of the journaling cards as well.  But so cute!!  This picture is from a couple of years ago.  I think she looks so much older now, but she is still my baby girl.  Always.

Anyway, check out the kits or the gallery or just scrapbook and have some fun!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

April 8th and a winner

Let me explain a little.

Four times on April 8th, I wrote down my 8 things.  Four times.  Each time, they were different.  Each time I felt like crap reading them back.  After the last time I realized that I did not want to record them on a page and DEFINITELY did not want to share them here.  It was just depressing.

Not that I don't think scrapbooking shouldn't be real.  It should!  It doesn't need to be rainbows and sunshine and fake happiness.  It can be dirty and messy and raw.  But I will be honest here...  I don't want that on this page.  The whole point of me doing this was to capture something about myself for my kids to "know" me a little later on.  Maybe for me to "know" me later on.  But I don't want to remember that I was depressed on April 8th for no reason.  I don't want to remember that I had trouble conjuring up a single happy thought.  I don't want to remember that I felt lonely and tired and helpless and lost.  Those are not things I want to look back on.  I will remember those things on my own without the help of pretty papers and Thickers.  I will keep my insecurities with me daily, I don't need my kids to see my inner weakness on paper.  I want them to know me, I want them to understand.  I will share with them, so they don't feel alone, but that is to be done in our relationship, in our living together and in our interactions, not on my scrapbook pages.

So I left it all off.

My April 8th - Decided to keep it to myself.

But I still made my page.  I think it actually is a perfect record of me on April 8th.  Just wanting to keep it to myself.

But enough about me.  How about a winner??  I think that sounds like fun.

So the winner this month of a $10 gift card to Two Peas in a Bucket is...


And this is her beautiful page...

Email me at saltyair05 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you your guft certificate code for Two Peas in a Bucket!  Congrats and thanks for playing along!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

April projects for Crate Paper

The theme was "nerd".  I thought that was pretty fun.  We love some nerdy things here like technology, reading, numbers, etc.  My youngest is a self proclaimed nerd and proud of it.  My oldest has some very coolio, hipster nerd glasses.  And our middle girl is planning on dressing as a nerd for Halloween this year.  I think nerds are actually what is cool.  So the projects were pretty fun.

You can see more about these pages on the Crate Paper blog.  

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